Getting Started

With White Label API you can access all of the collections, mixtapes, and tracks you stored in your White Label Dashboard. The API is architected in the REST style.

After you read this guide, check out the API Reference for detailed information on each endpoint (with examples).

Client Identification

White Label uses Client IDs to identify which apps and labels are accessing what data. Thus, all incoming requests require a valid Client ID. Follow these steps to find the right Client ID for your application.

  1. In your White Label Dashboard, head into the Developer section of your label.

  2. Find the app you are developing.

  3. Copy the 40-character Client ID.

To test the Client ID, run the following shell command (you should see a list of your collections). Be sure to replace YOUR_CLIENT_ID with the Client ID from the previous step.

curl --request GET \
--header 'Accept: application/json; version=1.0' \
--header 'Client: YOUR_CLIENT_ID' \
--url ''


When no version number is specified your API calls, the API will always present the latest version. As the API is updated, changes to endpoints or properties could break your application. For consistency, we highly recommend specifying a version number in your requests.

To specify a version, include it as part of the media type in the Accept header of each request. For example, to specify version 1.0 of the API, set your Accept header to application/json; version=1.0.

White Label API follows semantic versioning. Minor and patch versions will always be backwards compatible within the primary version number.

Warning: White Label API is currently on version 0.9, so we're still working out some kinks. Please use at your own risk and let us know if you find any issues.


We test our API regularly with Postman, a more intuitive alternative to cURL.

Coming soon: Postman library to easily start interacting with White Label API.

External Services (i.e. SoundCloud)

White Label integrates with SoundCloud, so it is important to note there are some requirements you must fulfill before using our API. To stream SoundCloud audio (like the stream_url found in your track objects), you will need a SoundCloud developer token. You must read through and agree to Soundcloud's terms of use to ensure you comply with their attribution requirements.