White Label for Developers

White Label is the platform that powers Noon Pacific and provides a better way to curate and share great music. We had brands and other curators asking us how to build a similar experience, so we've decided to make our tools available to everyone.

With only a little bit of developer experience, you can create your own music service. White Label blends three years of curator experience with the incredible SoundCloud library, giving you the ultimate curator platform on top of the world's largest music repository.

We're incredibly excited to see what you come up with. If you're working on something rad, send us an email describing your project and we'll consider adding it to our App Gallery.

Warning: White Label API is currently on version 0.9, so we're still working out some kinks. Please use at your own risk and let us know if you find any issues.

Get Started

Create a White Label account and then check out our Getting Started guide. The API Reference covers White Label endpoint to endpoint.

By using the White Label API, you hereby agree to comply with our terms of service and acknowledge the requirements set forth by the Soundcloud API Terms of Use including attribution and uses of their audio content.